And Another Thing - Postal (Zip) Codes

Or for those not in the RoW: Zip codes.

Attn: Software Designers - particularly Web Site Designers. (This includes you guys who write Apple Address Book too - with your software that makes a mess of trying to "fix" addresses with no Postal code but with other numbers elsewhere in the address when importing).

Please realise the following...

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Six Things I Hate About Finder

Finder bugs me with stupid inadequacies fairly frequently. And I've only been a Mac user since they (allegedly) fixed Finder. Here are six things that cause me to completely lose my Mac zen.

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Survey Seems To Have Some Question Bias

This amused me. It's from a Government Ministry website here in the Middle East:

Picture 3.png

I checked the Arabic version of the same site - there's an extra option in Arabic:

متوسط (Average)

Picture 5.png

Here are the results so far:

Picture 4.png

Arabic results:

Picture 6.png

So, English speaking participants questions have some bias but the Arabic less so. Seems English speaking site users aren't quite as satisfied, despite not having the option to say so.

It's a great way to guarantee customer sat. though!

Review: The Faith Of Barack Obama

Thomas Nelson Publishers were kind enough to send me a copy their book "The Faith Of Barack Obama" by Stephen Mansfield to read, ponder and then type my wildly random thoughts about. TN probably would have preferred a well structured and considered review, and I would have obliged them, however I didn't want to destroy the carefully crafted neurotic style of Idle State so random thoughts will have to suffice. The book has now been more than half way around the world, first landing in Sydney (and read by my parents) and then onto Dubai to finally reach me.

The Faith of Barack Obama.JPG

So with barely 4 days to go until the Presidential Elections the book is an interesting read to say the least.

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Cooking Lamb's Fry

I learned something new!

My Mum just happened to be passing through Dubai (between London and Sydney) so I took the opportunity to ask her to teach me to cook Lamb's Fry - since her version is fantastic in a comfort food kind of way. I rarely eat red meat but one thing that I do love is a big plate of Lamb's Fry and expanding my cooking repertoire is always fun.

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Election 2008 vs West Wing Season 7

I happened to get the opportunity to watch the DVDs of Season 7 of the West Wing - which I had never seen before. (Watched the first six seasons on television & again when I watched the entire boxed set).

I have to say, the coincidental timing of watching West Wing Season 7 at the same time as Election 2008 news reports, debates and talk show appearances is the most bizarre experience of "life imitating art" that I have ever experienced.

The parallels between Season 7 and the current US Presidential Election campaigns are uncanny - on the surface you might even say they are prophetic.

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Hey! My Mum Wrote a Book

Here's the book that my Mum just wrote (well - published - it took over two years to research and write):


Called "Purpose and Passion: Celebrating 50 years of Carlingford Baptist Church" the book is about the Church that my Mum and Dad attend. It's located in the northern suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The book covers the history from well before I was born - when there was the idea of a new congregation in a young and growing area of Sydney right up until the 50th Anniversary this year.

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